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qbittorrent update screws up downloaded torrents

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qbittorrent update screws up downloaded torrents

I had 12 torrents completely downloaded and seeding. when i updated qbittorrent from 3.3.1 to 3.3.3 some of the torrents files are being redownloaded. the files are in the previously downloaded folder, and forcing recheck is also not working.

e.g. i had downloaded the martian movie, watched it and it is still in the downloaded folder. the torrent for that file is in qbittorrent but it is being redownloaded. i have also cheked the set download location and it is as it should be.

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No Changes

We've made no changes on our end. I downloaded Ubuntu within qBittorrent Portable 3.3.1, closed, upgreaded to 3.3.3, then opened and it was still seeing. qBittorrent Portable only supports portability by drive letter, not full path. If your path changed, you'll lose connections to your torrents.

Our torrent apps are not to be used for illegal activities like copyright infringement and we do not support the use thereof.

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