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Eraser Portable ate my disc. Help

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Eraser Portable ate my disc. Help

Hi. I was using Eraser Portable to batch overwrite 10 files (around 1GB each). The App stopped responding and after several hours I force closed it.
I then noticed my hard drive had gone from 1TB free to 196GB free and I could not reload Eraser portable as I received the message that an instance of the app was already running.
Task manager doesn't show Eraser Portable as a running app or background process in the list.
I would appreciate some assistance.

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Some Q's

what sort of disk is it, HDD / PenDrive / etc

was the the msg specifically that it was running or the PA msg that it wasn't shut down properly ?

in terms of "ate my disk" do you mean that you've lost data or that you have less free space than you ought to have ?


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Restart, Delete Files

Restart your computer. Then you can open your drive and delete the temporary files that Eraser used to fill up the disk to ensure all free space was cleared. They may be hidden, so you may need to enable viewing of hidden and system files within Explorer's options.

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