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KeePass: lastest Update deleted database

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KeePass: lastest Update deleted database

The last update of my keepassPortable deleted my .kdbx database file which was stored directly inside KeePassPortable/ main folder. I realize that thats not the best location for that but still and update should not do that.
Of course I can't garantue that the update deleted the file but I was using it before and right after the update I restarted the app and the file was gone.

John T. Haller
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Restore From Backup

I'm sorry to hear that happened. Unfortunately, your file has been deleted. You'll need to restore from a recent backup or use an undelete utility to attempt to recover the file.

The App directory is for use by the app itself and should not normally be accessed or altered as mentioned in the readme.txt in the App directory. The entire App directory is wiped on every upgrade of every app except for very specific cases (plugins, recovering from a file move after a crash).

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I doubt the update did that though.

@John: It sounds like LastSamurai is saying they had the .kdbx in the KeePassPortable folder, not inside the App folder, and I don't believe the Installer would delete it from there.

@LastSamurai: Either way, if the file was deleted, then you'll have to restore from a backup, or use an 'undelete' utility, just as John says.
I just don't think the update would delete it unless you had it inside either the App or Other folder.


Gord Caswell
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RemoveAppDirectory = false

Even it was in the App directory, the installer wouldn't delete it - installer.ini includes the line RemoveAppDirectory=false, so it won't be deleted from there either.

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