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Opera Mail portable - preferences missing

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Opera Mail portable - preferences missing


I'm considering switching from Thunderbird to Opera Mail. I have successfully imported and set up my accounts and everything works fine, I have to get used to a few things.
But there are several adjustable features, only one problem: The menu items are just not there! I have Settings > Preferences > General > Language and Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Notifications, Fonts and Shortcuts. No more. Where are all the preferences that I keep find referring to in the Help file and in google? Are they missing in the portable version in general?


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Looking At Them

I'm looking at Settings - Preferences - Advanced and I see entries for Notifications, Fonts, and Shortcuts on my Windows 8.1 x64 machine. in Opera Mail Portable 1.0.1044. Please share the information requested when you posted this: "If reporting a bug, please ... include relevant details on your current system (operating system version, 32 vs 64-bit, full install path, new install vs upgrade, etc)."

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