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GIMP: Font Directory

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GIMP: Font Directory

I want to add fonts to GIMP Portable 2.8.14 on Windows portableapps, not to Windows to use them on any PC.
1- Is there a Directory already planned for this in GIMP portableapps?
2 - In GIMP: Edit> Preferences> Folders> Fonts, you can point font folders. How to Write a relative path (relative to the path and letter of changing drive where GIMP is depending on the PC)?

thank you

John T. Haller
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The best thing to do is add them to the Platform so that GIMP can use them as well as all your other apps:


You can also add them only for GIMP Portable here:


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GIMP Font Directory

Here is the solution:
It is better to install a single directory containing all relevant font in all applications. So "PortableApps \ \ Data \ Fonts" from John T. Haller.
It must then go to preferences : "Edit> Preferences> Folders> Fonts" and specify a RELATVE path in GIMP.
"..\..\..\..\..\Data\Fonts" (without the quotes) ... It works.
Or if you want to place the fonts in a GIMP directory. For example "GIMPPortable \ Data \ gimp \ fonts". The RELATIVE path is :
"..\..\..\Data\.gimp\fonts" (without the quotes) ... It works.

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