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Upon first launch, D7 accumulates everything you could possibly want to know about the system – processor type and speed, available memory, computer name, OS version and IP address. That’s just for starters. That means that the moment you launch the software, without issuing a single command, you have the info that you’d normally have to dig for by issuing commands like “ipconfig” or wmic commands to gather cpu and OS data. So, just launching D7, you’re a step ahead already.
Providing automation for:

Virus / Malware Removal
Windows Repair and Maintenance
Data Backup
System Info / Reporting
Keeping all of your tools updated!

With additional capabilities:

offline and live malware removal assistance via many internal and 3rd party tools
automatic download/extraction of 3rd party tools on demand when missing
offline and live registry editing with mass search & delete features
offline and live data backup/restore and direct data migration
CPU/RAM stress testing
information gathering and quality assurance uses
Operating System Branding
shortcuts to frequently used Windows components
quick access to frequently used Windows tweaks
numerous right-click context menu (in Windows Explorer) features for working with files and directories
wrappers / one-click execution options for frequently used command line tools
synchronization of MalwareScan definition files
automatic updates of all your favorite 3rd party tools via Ketarin
offline application of password removal tricks enabling you to gain access to password protected live systems

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