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Ditto Portable always popup it doesn't close correct

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Ditto Portable always popup it doesn't close correct

I used a lot of apps from here, and If i doesn't close ditto before i turn off pc , it often popup a windows says that it doesn't close correctly, only portable opera occured the same thing sometimes, does it recive shutdown signal incorrect?

John T. Haller
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Close Apps or use Platform to do it automatically

You should close any portable apps before shutting down Windows so they can perform their closing activities. Some need to move files out of APPDATA, some need to move things out of the registry. In Ditto's case, it needs to move files from App back to Data so that they can be backed up by the platform's backup feature (if you use it) and so settings aren't accidentally lost if you upgrade it. So, please close the app before shutting down Windows.

If you use the Platform, it will handle it for you automatically and close Ditto for you - along with all your apps - in the proper order to avoid that message and avoid data loss in apps.

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