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How to ignore app update

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How to ignore app update

Some apps are no longer supported on Windows XP, such as Filezilla and Google Chrome. All latest updates on these 2 apps can no longer run on windows XP. Is there a setting on the platform to ignore certain app update, so whatever future updates it will not auto-include or auto-check it in the checklist?

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wXP version

Good idea. Perhaps if you uncheck the box it could remember next time and leave it unchecked?
I would like to see a wXP version of pApps, where this type of thing is selected for automatically, or maybe a simple checkbox in the options like the 'only open source apps' and such. But a wXP only version of pApps would be an interesting gimmick.
Also interesting would be a 'freeXP' similar to 'freeDOS', but that is an entirely different beast.


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Just rename the app's folder

If you rename the app's folder the updater will no longer try to update it.

Eg. if Firefox was the app you wanted to not have upgraded, just change the FirefoxPortable folder to FirefoxXPPortable or something similar.

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