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Changing Names in PAM

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Changing Names in PAM

This is regarding the recent versions of Firefox Portable & Sunbird Portable released today and yesterday I believe. NORMALLY, in order tro change the name of an app in the PAM, you would just go find the program and rename it, however, for the new versions of the Mozilla Programs, I cannot...

Firefox, is listed as:

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition

Sunbird is listed as:

Mozilla Sunbird - Portable Edition

I know WHERE the name is, just I do not know how to change it, the programs are named as follows:

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition* (John T. Haller)


Moxilla Sunbird - Portable Edition* (John T. Haller)

Obviously, the PortableApps Menu is obtaining the names from the middle line of text in the program launch shown as * by me. This is the name I would like to change, so I can name them simply Firefox Portable and Sunbird Portable, or at least have them both have commas in between, instead of a dash or a comma. If anyone knows how to change this text, or a different way to change the name of the program, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Coming Soon / Oversight

The ability to rename is coming in the next major release.

The dash in Sunbird was an oversight and has been corrected in revision 2. All the Mozilla apps are now officially named "Mozilla X, Portable Edition". Thunderbird Portable has not yet been released with the new name but will be before the next suite release next week.

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