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Bug report - Cleanup at launcher crash does not work properly

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Bug report - Cleanup at launcher crash does not work properly


Ever since I was using PortableApps launcher, from time to time I encounter an error message during the start of a portable app. The error says "App didn't close properly last time. Cleaning up.". This message has an OK button. When clicked, nothing happens, not even that the launcher would really clean up something. The app has to be restarted than manually, instead of that the launcher would do what ever is needed to do that cleanup thing and then restart the app automatically. Unfortunately, there is no option for this in settings. So, when having portable apps in autostart, like ProcessHacker, you have to deal with that message every time, especially when an app didn't close properly during the last shutdown. I would consider this as a bug in the launcher, or as an inconvenience at least.

Please, fix.


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This has been discussed ad

This has been discussed ad nauseam.
In short: It works as intended - close your apps properly
Feel free to do a search for more information.

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