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Google Chrome Portable does not play sound

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Google Chrome Portable does not play sound

For a year or so, I have not been able to hear sound in Google Chrome Portable when running it from Portable Apps on my hard drive, and this has to be manually fixed by opening Playback Devices from the taskbar speaker icon, selecting the playback device that is ALREADY set to default and clicking OK. I have to do this for every new tab and link that I visit. I had assumed that an update to Google Chrome would fix this, but as yet, none has. All other portable apps browsers work correctly.

If I copy the entire Google Chrome Portable folder out of the PortableApps folder to any other location (hard drive, USB stick) and run it from there, the problem vanishes. If I run Portable Apps from a USB stick and run Google Chrome from there, the sound plays properly.

So as far as I can see, the problem is present only when I run Google Chrome from within the Portable Apps installation that is saved on my hard drive. A minor irritation, as I have to remember to start Google Chrome (my preferred browser that connects to my Google account) from outside the Portable Apps interface.

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