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Random curiosity regarding common files

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Random curiosity regarding common files

With the move towards common files for several purposes (GTK, Java, etc), I wonder how these are going to be kept up to date in the future? Gaim, for example, requires a much more recent version of GTK than it did in previous incarnations. So if using a common files folder becomes fairly standard as a space saving technique, will the programs that use them still come with them in their own folder? Or will it be neccesarry to install required files seperately? Or, (last or, I swear), will there be a successor to the .paf format by then which can update both the program in question and any common files it needs? I ask all these questions because, while common files will doubtless provide a significant saving in space, it seems that they bring various additional file management problems, and I'm keen to know if a solution is planned for this.

PS - please forgive bad spelling and/or grammer - it's almost 2am as I type this

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  1. Yes, the programs that use them will still come with it, AFAIK
  2. You can still download the Common Files separately and install them then delete the local file ones.
  3. Lastly, yes there is a successor to the 7-Zip installers, it will still be a version of the PAF though

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