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AmoK Burning Portable 2.0 Beta 9

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AmoK Burning Portable 2.0 Beta 9

Application: AmoK CD/DVD Burning
License: freeware (permission given by publisher)
Category: Utilities
Description: A powerful burning program featuring multisession, file verification, RW Deletion, ISO, CUE and BIN burning, "On the Fly" burning, Video CDs, Audio CDs, DVDVideo, Disc Caching and more.

Download AmoK Burning Portable 2.0 Beta 9 [922KB download / 840kb installed]
(MD5: 66802caf0837cf54ed0f6f9f18ffbc2e)
(SHA1: 08a3802a073a130638e71ddafbd3e3704d6294bf)
(SHA256: 24f81fff0402cb9eaf69e2e34cbf558ce5afe2d14b4c18b655400a1e64f70f57 )

English and german language

Beta 9: Bug fix in language.
Bug fixes, optimization.