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VLC Media Player - Zooming

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VLC Media Player - Zooming


I'm using VLC Media Player 2.2.1 in Windows 7.

I'd like to increase the viewing size of the video since it looks so
small on screen.

On YouTube, you can adjust the view settings but this is a video I
downloaded and want to watch (instructional stuff) but it appears
small as it does on YouTube but seemingly without the modification
settings in VLC Media Player that YouTube offers.

I Googled this and many results shared you can't zoom with VLC Media Player.

Is there any way to zoom?


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Since we only repackage

Might want to check out the developers site
or their main page:

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really zoom , not just make player size bigger?

So you want to make the image bigger where you would see less of the original image, like it was a cropped image?

I googled this: "zoom in vlc" and it said to go to the Tools - Effects & Filters
I played around with interactive zoom, but it was an awkward process
But it's awkward in youtube as well.

Why would you crop a video playback

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VLC Media Player - Zooming

Right click while playing a video then go to video>zoom. There are four options 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 2:1. Hope you got that.

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