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Portable App contqins Virus

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Portable App contqins Virus

[Virus] Since I don't have a way to contact support I am posting here. Hopefully the information will get to the proper personnel.

I updated my PortableApps flash drive today. I had sometime in the past installed Balaboka Portable with no problems. Todays update of balabokaportable_2.11.0.604 contains the Heuristic Virus Suspicious.Cloud.9.

The other 32 updates and 11 new additions downloaded and installed without a problem.

Thanks for the assistance.

John T. Haller
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Double Check, False Positive

There are details on the support page on how to double check:

"Heuristic" means that your antivirus is not detecting it as a known malware/virus, but is attempting to "guess" whether it is. Commercial antivirus is *awful* at guessing and will have false positives all the time.

For the complete scan, visit here:

Note that you can completely ignore anything from Baidu, Bkav, Ikarus, Qihoo because they are nearly always wrong. McAfee-GW-Edition has constant false positive issues as well. So, the only lines you'd need to worry about are AegisLab and Symantec which are sharing some pieces of the same engine but not all of it if I recall correctly. They're both throwing a heuristic alert. Aka, a "suspicious" "guess" that it "might possibly" have something bad in it.

Generally, alerts like this go away after about a week once enough users see a given file and the antivirus company gets enough reports of the file being used without issue.

For comparison, here is what a scan of something that contains actual malware would look like:

Fun fact: Neither Baidu nor AegisLab alerted on the actual malware.

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