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installing all apps automating

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installing all apps automating

I was installing a lot apps in a go. But after downloading through platform, it is asking about install path and finish buttons every time. Is there any way to select the apps through web, then it will install on its its own without asking me

John T. Haller
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Platform Running?

Is your platform still running while the updater is? The installers for the apps look for the platform running to determine if they'll run in fully silent mode. Note that an app will still display the installer if you haven't yet agreed to the version of the license included. So, either a new install or an upgrade when the license has changed.

If the platform is running and you're asked to confirm the install location for each app, that generally means something is wrong on the PC. I've seen it with permissions issues (running the platform as admin or similar) and the like along with PCs that have had a cleaned malware infection that left some messed up stuff behind.

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