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I have a portable Lyx 2.2.1

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I have a portable Lyx 2.2.1

¡¡¡ I succeeded !!!

I have in my pen a portable Lyx, version 2.2.1 THE LAST ONE.
I want to share it with all of you, but don't know the way to upload it.
You can test it before sharing with the people (I want to test it in more computers to ensure that works: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10...).

Tell me the way and you can enjoy with lyx.
It's a very huge compressed file, more than 1 Gb with miktex portable and Jabref too.

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Fantastic. Where did you have it?

That's great.

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sharing Portable Lyx 2.2.1

You can upload it to Google Drive or a Microsoft cloud drive and then make the folder public and share the link in this forum.
I look forward to receiving the link.

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