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Do I need to install again to use Portable Apps from USB

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Do I need to install again to use Portable Apps from USB

I have installed Portable Apps to a folder on my C drive for use on my main PC and selected all the apps I think I will need. I would also like to have it available on my Windows 10.1 Tablet and to have a portable version on a USB stick to use on other PC's. Can I simply copy the installation folder and files across to the stick and then to my tablet or do I have to perform another install to USB and another to my Tablet, selecting all the apps again for each of them?
This is the first time I have used portable Apps and think they will be specially helpful with the limited memory space on the tablet (it has attached keyboard so I use it as a laptop)

John T. Haller
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You can copy your whole PortableApps folder, Documents folder, and Start.exe from one location/device to another and your stuff will keep working.

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Re: Copy

That is good to know, because I think it is time to get another USB/Thumb drive again, as last night I thought I lost the current one, as it didn't appear in Windows explorer. Then I re-booted and it came back as the designated drive P:* AFAIC, the USB connection is the worse thing that ever happened to computers, first there was the poor man's SCSI{IDE} and now we have the idiot's SCSI {USB} whose contact surfaces wear down or get loose, causing read errors galore. *and the bloody thing was recognizing the drive only as removable F: and asking to format first, so I shut down all applications that were running on the stick, saying NO to the format dialogue box, repeatedly, then doing a shutdown/startup [once] and then the proper designation showed up and has been working since, but I almost had another bloody heart attack, thinking my PA drive was bricked. So its probably time for a new one. So I take it John that a simple copy operation to a new stick is all I have to do? I forget because it has been five years, and then what I did was copy just the Mozilla profile folders and data folders but this time my set-up is a little more complicated than it was back then. How would you format the new drive FAT32 or exFAT?, I know that all my CFs and SDs come as exFAT, so that would be better for large files.

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