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Flashing folders in Cubic Explorer

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Flashing folders in Cubic Explorer

Flashing folders in Cubic Explorer. The bar that shows the drives is constantly flashing as if it's refreshing. I really like this program but the flashing is driving me nuts. Is there a way to stop it?

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Cubic Explorer

I've just downloaded and tried Cubic Explorer and have seen a similar symptom to the one you mention, which seems to be caused by 'display activity'.

Personally, I would guess that it's Cubic Explorer itself that is at the root cause of the problem. It's over 4 years old and is no longer supported by the developer so, if that's the case, it's unlikely to be 'fixed'. The PortableApps version is itself over 2 years old and so nothing whatsoever has changed recently, which might suggest that the base application has some compatibility 'problems' with more up-to-date hardware/Windows OS software.

Perhaps it's time to retire it's use and look for an alternative. There's no shortage of capable File Managers that are still being actively developed.

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