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Not downloading PHP files?

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Not downloading PHP files?

Afternoon all - I have an odd one, I seem to have no end of trouble downloading sourceforge files. I am using Flashget to manage my downloads. Everything appears to be good except when the file appears as a Php file, the download manager does a ??? and downloads an 18kb file. What's the beef?

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No server, unless it (or its

No server, unless it (or its administrator) is malfunctioning. PHP is a server-side scripting language, and there would usually be a major security issue if a member of the general public were able to download the scripts. Any request for the script returns the html genreated by it.

You have to make sure you have the right location. Many times the links are to PHP scripts with the correct link as a parameter. DownTHEMall! works on SF just fine, and I would recommend it over Flashget, but if you insist on using FG, use the Properties option in Firefox's context menu to see the link, and look for the link to whatever you want to download, and put that link into FG.


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