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Thunderbird clean install RAM ~160MB

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Thunderbird clean install RAM ~160MB

I plan to migrate from Outlook Express, Thunderbird is one of the candidates.
My computer is old, OS XP, and I format it with frequency, then a portable software would be very convenient.
The problem is that I just download the portable Thunderbird here in portableapps and installed, clean program is consuming around 160MB, even after disabled Lightning and offline mode.
When I run it, open two applications in the task manager, thunderbird.exe (~ 160MB) and ThunderbirdPortable.exe (~ 6MB).
My computer has only 2GB of RAM, this represents almost 10%.

My Outlook Express consumes about 10MB, and other e-mail programs up to 80MB.
I do not need any special function but I work with about 10 e-mail accounts and keep MANY messages, so I need a program that deals well with this ... Outlook Express is causing me many problems and it is driving me crazy!

Another feature that I consider important is the preview pane in the search window, but I realized that Thunderbird did not have it.

It has something that can be done about it? (RAM consumption).

Thank you.

John T. Haller
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About Right

160MB is about right for a running copy of Thunderbird. It includes a full browser within to handle rendering emails as all modern email clients do. Outlook Express is a bit of an exception as it passes off rendering emails to the outdated Internet Explorer engine running within your copy of Windows XP. As for why it uses so much less memory, it's likely due to it using a 7 year old insecure browser engine. If you used a 7 year old copy of Thunderbird, it would likely have much lower memory usage as well. Like Outlook Express, however, it would be insecure and very dangerous.

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Last seen: 7 years 6 months ago
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Hello John.

Hello John.
I have also installed a TB copy in my computer.
The memory usage is almost the same but without the extra ~6MB of that "ThunderbirdPortable.exe".
If it is normal, then "ok"... will be a little bad for me and my computer but at least I know it is all well.
Thanks for your answer.

(PS: Offtopic, do you know if TB deals well with massive amount of messages? I have like 8GB of e-mails stored in OE, it gives lots of problems :/ , thank you again.)

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