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PortableApps backup fails to complete

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PortableApps backup fails to complete

Lately, when I've tried running the backup function from the PortableApps menu option, it starts running but never completes. I eventually kill the process, which seems to tend to leave some sort of corruption on my flash drive, necessitating the running of chkdsk on the drive to fix any errors.

Platforms: Windows 10 (at home) and Window 7 (at work) - both never complete.
Drive: 64GB Silicon-Power USB3 with about 43GB used.
Backup options: Complete, backup directory on C: drive, 7z format, Show details selected (also fails to complete with Show details deselected).

By never complete, I mean that the backup status window is still displayed at the same level of completion (I'd estimate the green status bar indicates about 80-90%) after the process has been running for 4 hours to as much as 8 hours (8 or greater when I've started the backup to run over night and it is still sitting there at 5:30 AM the next day when I'm ready to pull my drive out of my home computer and take it to work).

Having regular backups is critical I'm sure anyone would agree.

I tried turning off my anti-virus last night and selecting Show details to see if that would provide any helpful information. Not much that I would consider helpful appeared in the details window. The last 2 lines were:
Items to compress: 53589
9 % 2743 + Documents\Health\Conditions\Vi . ision-Today Subliminal

Wm ...
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I'm not sure that is advised

For all I know JTH (our noble leader) doesn't use that method of backup. Should you? There are others available.


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Where is it not advised?

Where is it advised not to use the backup included in the PortableApps platform? And, why would they include a backup option, anyway, if it wasn't meant to be used? I can't quite get my head around that.
Anyway, while I wait for someone to suggest a resolution, I'm open to other options. Aside from doing a straight copy and paste in Windows, what backup applications would you suggest? Thanks.

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Possibly Too Large, Possible Drive Issue

43GB is might be too large for the command line version of 7-Zip to handle. The backup utility uses 7-Zip internally. All logic to actually index and package the files is within 7-Zip itself. We just feed it the appropriate command line. It's a simple utility made for quick backups.

Note that the backup utility can't corrupt your flash drive. It's not writing anything to your flash drive just reading. If your flash drive gets corrupted from too much consistent reading, it could have hardware or overheating issues. Corruption can cause the backup to fail.

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