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Accounting Software

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Accounting Software


I hope that an accounting software can be made portable.
Below are some apps:

Grisbi I hope that this will be portable Smile
GnuCAsh Well... Although I like this most, it's only for *NIX but I hope someone can port it to Win also.
Lazy8 Ledger

Thank you for your attention and time to read my request. Smile

pschulz01 (not verified)
GnuCash 1.9.0 has just been released using GTK2

Portable GnuCash would be excellent, and it looks like it
could be a step closer. From the website.. (

What's New in GnuCash 1.9.0?

- Welcome to GnuCash 1.9.0 aka "We're gonna make it!" the first of several unstable releases of the GnuCash Open Source Accounting Software which will eventually lead to the stable version 2.0.0. This release is the very first of the gtk2-based GnuCash series and is intended for developers and adventurous testers who want to help tracking down bugs.

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Really Worth Watching

This would be a great alternative to a number of accounting packages. Would the port to WIn32 be similiar to Gimp or are there other libraries or runtimes involved?
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