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Merge PuTTY Portable with portaPuTTY?

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Merge PuTTY Portable with portaPuTTY?

I've been using portaPuTTY for all my portable PuTTY needs on my flash drive, as it does not store configuration and session information in the registry.

Is there any chance that portaPuTTY could be merged with PuTTY Portable, so configuration information is not written to the registry, but is stored in files on the flash drive?

Ryan McCue
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The point of John's apps

is to not modify the source (exception caught: line 63, "Sudoku Portable" Wink ) so it can be easily updated.
portaPuTTY modifies the source of PuTTY.
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Not quite

I wouldn't be surprised if a hundred other people asked John to create a portableapp version of PuTTY, but I asked after donating money. You'd be amazed how well that works. Smile

Regardless, portaPuTTY modifies the source code of PuTTY in order to put the configuration information in files on the flash drive. I dislike this approach, because it is SO difficult to write good security code. Messing with the source, like portaPuTTY does, scares me.

The way I understand it, PortableApps works differently. It's like a wrapper, which executes before and after the original executable, WITHOUT MODIFICATION of the original executable. Thus, the security of the original executable rests with the author, where it should belong.

THAT is why I specifically requested a PortableApp of PuTTY.

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I, too, have used portaPutty, and am completely unpersuaded by the arguments here about the registry. With portaPutty, I have very simple text files that define about 50 different connections we use here all the time. I want to be able to modify these files to be able to give all the users who access these 50 different connections using these simple session profile files. I do not want the users to have to "install" putty on their computers, I just want to provide them with modifications of these text files. I LOVED the fact that portaPutty does NOT store these profiles in the registry, because this way I can modify the profile information and source control it.

How do I preserve these 50 or so session profiles? I can't source control and deploy modifications to the registry.

John T. Haller
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PuTTY Portable or KiTTY Portable

You can use either PuTTY Portable or KiTTY Portable. Both work portably. PuTTY Portable is a standard copy of PuTTY that will move settings in and out of the registry. KiTTY Portable is a standard copy of KiTTY, which is a modified version of PuTTY that does not use the registry.

As for batch scripting them, we can't really provide assistance with that. Anything you pass to the portable launcher is passed along to the app, though.

You should not use PortaPuTTY anymore. It's long dead and has security issues.

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writing to the registry doesn't have impact on the thumb drive's write cycles. OK, one write at startup and one at closing aren't much, but well...

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