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Firefox 49 not detecting Java portable

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Firefox 49 not detecting Java portable

We have been running Firefox portable now for years with much success. Lately we have been having some problems. We currently have version 47 portable deployed with Java 1.8.101 and all is working well. (Other than when you check the version it says there are no updates)

I have updated to version 48 and Java still detects under the plugin fine. Once I update to version 49 java and a few other plugs are no lover visible under the plugins tab on Firefox.

I have take and installed the full version of Firefox and it detects the version of Java that is installed on the machine fine.

Has anyone else seen this? I understand that Firefox is dropping support for things like Java but I have not heard that it has happened yet and the fact that it still works on the full version tells me that it has not been done yet.


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If you run Firefox in 64-bit mode, it won't support Java. Firefox Portable will run 64-bit by default on a 64-bit machine. You can change this with a configuration option:

Note that the Java plugin will be discontinued (and then be insecure) by Oracle in 2017 in addition to being dropped by all major browsers. You should make other arrangements ASAP.

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