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Why is the installer not asking me where to install to?

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Why is the installer not asking me where to install to?

I downloaded the latest verison of PortableApps Platform, but I can't install it because the installer won't ask me where to install it to. After selecting a language, it goes straight to the terms and after that, ATTEMPTS to install. Please help!

John T. Haller
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Anything Else Running?

Is anything else running on your system that could be interfering? For instance, some third party portable menus attempt to hijack PAF installers often messing up the install process.

Additionally, if you run it from the PA.c Platform, it will attempt to install automatically from the same place (by design).

When run on its own, the installer should show you a language selection screen, then a welcome page, then a license page, then a page asking you whether you want a new, upgrade, or custom install.

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