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Sublime Text 2 Portable

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Sublime Text 2 Portable


There is already a portable version of Sublime Text 2 in which the expiry date was removed.

Is it possible include it here please?

I have already downloaded it and customised it to my needs. Copied the directory and used it flawlessly on another computer.

Therefore, I do not think the registry was modified.

Any feedback please?

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Commercial Program

From the Sublime Text site:

"Sublime Text may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use."

As it's a commercial product, you would have to ask the developers about the production of a PortableApps version, which would, in all probability, mean that they may also have to enter into a contractual agreement with concerning its distribution. Or, simply use their own portable version after, of course, paying for a licence for the continued use.

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If it bypasses the expiry date and is redistributed that way, it's a completely illegal package. As such, there's a good likelihood it also includes malware, so I'd scan your PC to be safe.

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