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Portable Apps Installer Bugs

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Portable Apps Installer Bugs

Downloaded and tried the Portable Apps Installer.

The fields to input the app's name, id etc are all password fields... I guess they should be text fields right?

Also, then the installer crashes.

Using Windows 10.

Kindly advise.


John T. Haller
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Bug, Fallback

That appears to be a bug in the dialogs plugin reference, I'll work on updating that.

Generally, those inputs are last-ditch fallback and should not be used. You should have a complete appinfo.ini as specified in the Format spec you have created before you even run the Installer. The prompt is intended for use if you happened to miss a required field by accident, not to fully generate everything you need for a proper app.

At what point is it crashing? How much of an appinfo.ini do you have?

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