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Is lacking SSE2, or SSE3, a new twist to system requirements?

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Is lacking SSE2, or SSE3, a new twist to system requirements?
  1. firefox 49 actually check at startup if SSE2 CPU instruction is available. it issues an explicit statement, and does not continue, if that instruction is not available. I guess Windows 7, and newer, can not be installed on such CPUs. It there fore concerns only XP. Did I miss portableapps explicitly mentions that requirement on relevant web pages?
  2. Up to Libreoffice 5.2.1, I still haven't check 5.2.2, Libreoffice seem to be doing a great effort to bypass SSE2, and SSE3, requirement. I am not sure they spotted all the places they need that bypass, but they did manage to spot many. I am sorry to say that I think other projects decided not to follow.
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We Don't Test or Announce

We don't normally test for it. We only find out about it after the fact and generally only with some apps. Most apps will not announce it as a change like Firefox does. Mozilla only did that because it is so widely used and the only major browser that still supports XP and Vista.

SSE2 being a requirement will happen in lots of apps as developers switch to newer compilers. Non-SSE2 CPUs are *very* old at this point and few and far between in the general population.

We will not be testing for whether apps require SSE2 or not. None of our development staff has one of these old PCs. Users with very old hardware will simply find out something stops working as they try and use it just like they would with the local version.

SSE3 being a requirement is unlikely for right now for any software but will become an issue later on.

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Windows 7 32bit does *NOT*

Windows 7 32bit does *NOT* require SSE2! (The 64bit version requires a 64bit CPU, which always has SSE2.)

SSE2 requirement started with Windows 8.

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