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Upgrade to 1.5 required ?

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Upgrade to 1.5 required ?


I have just re-installed portable apps after my USB key "broke" (it's the one thing I don't backup !)

This includes pFF and pTB, both of which are at 1.5
When I run both and added extensions both stated that an upgrade to 1.5 was available.

Am I missing something obvious ?
I chose no in both cases as they are already 1.5.

Is then an issue in letting pFF upgrade it's self (are the files not compressed differently or something) ?



J-Ro (not verified)
upgrade message

Actually, I have the same issue. I tried to upgrade after getting the nag message. When I upgraded, Portable firefox could not access the internet.

I ended up replacing the "updated" version with my backed up version. Now all is alright with the world.

It would be interesting to see if anyone else has had this issue.


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