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I'm testing a new style of Application Template for use with the Launcher and Installer. The old 2.4 release was just the barebones file structure but includes no example config files. This is of a complete template with config files and a default launcher along with a stub EXE so you can be sure it works by default.

The configuration is setup with an AppID of AppNamePortable, so it uses AppNamePortable.exe as the default launcher and AppNamePortable.ini as its configuration file. There are default settings in the INIs for handling config files that exist locally, config directories that exist locally, config files that move between Data and App, config directories that move between Data and App, and registry key config settings. The necessary lines to handling the moving and backup/restore of local settings as well as portablization of both a standard config file and a .reg file are all included and working for an example app of AppName and ExamplePublisher. The files are all fully commented and a how to txt file is included in the base directory. You can start up just by loading an app without even needing to recompile AppNamePortable.exe. When you're ready to release, instructions for that are included as well.

Download Application Template 3.5.2

Note that I'm still debating splitting this full version out and doing it along with lighter versions based on just registry and one of just files.

Please test this out, look for any errors, and provide feedback. Suggestions for this particular format are appreciated as well. If we do an automated builder based on interactive Q&A, that will be a separate process from this one (and much more complicated), so please no suggestions along those lines for right now.


Release History
3.5.2 (2019-01-08): Added BaseAppID64, fixed grammar and spelling issues
3.5.1 (2018-10-12): Added WorkingDirectory, BaseAppID, and app icon to help.html
3.5.0 (2018-05-21): Updated links to https, improved App directory readme, updated versioning
3.4.1 (2016-11-18): Fixed single word referring to config file instead of registry
3.4 (2016-11-18): Released and announced as official
3.4 Dev Test 2 (2016-11-14): Fixes recommended in Gord's first comment plus default installer.ini
3.4 Dev Test 1 (2016-11-13): Initial release