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VisualBoyAdvance Launcher

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VisualBoyAdvance Launcher

*edit* Check out the beta test thread:

Hi everyone...

This is my first take on portableapps applications, so don't hesitate to comment on any mistakes.

I'm working on a launcher for VisualBoy Advance (, a GPL licensed gameboy emulator. I already have parts of it working:

- directory structure adjusted to standard structure
- .exe packed with upx (--brute, 28% ratio)
- .ini file is saved/copied on start

Here's a list of things to do:

- VisualBoyAdvance creates a registry key: Even looking at the emulator source code, I'm not sure why. I'm pretty sure it's just some old code and it could do without as the entry doesn't hold any data. What would be the 'correct' way to handle that topic?

- check for already running instance doesn't work: I've heavily based the launcher code on the KeePass launcher code. That seems to check, if the application is already running with FindProc. The check is not working though (neither in Keepass, nor for VisualBoyAdvance), but I might just be misunderstanding the intent of that call.

- create .paf.exe: What is the format? Would be way easier to handle for users than copying the directory manually...

- handle recent files list: The Emulator keeps a list of recently opened files in the .ini, but with absolute paths. What would be the 'standard' way to deal with that?

- all data paths are reset to the (relative) defaults on every start by the launcher: Is that a good idea? The emulator overwrites the relative default paths with absolute paths when closed...

- splash screen disable: hardcoded for now, I'll do a quick splash. I can't use the splash screens for template, as is a tm, right?

Any help, comments and hints are appreciated...

Patrick Patience
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I'll try it out tonight. Only thing is, I'm not a huge video game pkayer, but I know they have Zelda for VBA, would you be able to link me to it. It's probally all I'll play.

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I know it's working. it's

I know it's working. it's just not 'perfect' enough Wink

But here you go, see for yourself:

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you might want to upload the file again, but take out the recent rom dir. you GS fan.

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That's ok... I own the

That's ok... I own the actual game for GBA, so nothing wrong with playing that rom Wink

Ryan McCue
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  • Either remove the code or just delete the entry after VBA is run
  • What code are you using?
  • I'd say delete them all.
  • Should be fine.
  • Correct, however you may use it if you have permission from John

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Beta test opened:
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