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Amzi! Prolog Portable 10.0.04b Dev Test 1

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Amzi! Prolog Portable 10.0.04b Dev Test 1

Application: Amzi! Prolog
Category: Development
Description: From the publisher's website:

Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server™ is an embeddable, extendable, highly portable implementation of ISO standard Prolog, including full support for ISO modules enabling large-scale application development. It is distinguished by:

  • Logic Server API: full interfaces for both calling in and calling out from Prolog from a wide variety of development environments including C, C++, Java, Delphi, .NET, VB.
  • Eclipse IDE featuring: source code debugger, cross reference, integrated listener, project support and all of the professional development features of Eclipse. Ideal for both learning Prolog and for building commercial grade applications. Amzi!'s strong Java interface made it possible to integrate intelligent Prolog debuggers, cross reference, and other features in the Eclipse Prolog plug-in.
  • Virtual machine architecture allows binary code independence. Develop on Windows, deploy on Unix.

SourceForge project page

Download Amzi! Prolog Portable 10.0.04b Dev Test 1 (420KB download / 1.20MB installed)
(MD5: 0863b0b920ab4c14c50023f346159060)

Release Notes:

See all release notes at the SourceForge project page