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Selenium 3 with Firefox Portable

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Selenium 3 with Firefox Portable

I tried to use Firefox Portable 50 with Selenium 3 and geckodriver (
Firefox Portable starts but then nothing happens. See the following issue which exactly describes my problem:

Any help is welcome.

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No feedback on this ?

No feedback on this ?

John T. Haller
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Just -profile, No experience

While Firefox within Firefox Portable is running, the only thing different from running Firefox locally is that it is utilizing the -profile switch. It would appear this is incompatible or that Gecko Driver is incompatible with Firefox unless it is installed. You can likely prove this the Gecko Driver folks by installing it locally and then running it with the -profile switch and pointing it to your portable profile.

I have no experience with Gecko Driver or with Selenium and can not assist on either count.

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