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Google Chrome became corrupt after most recent update

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Sam G
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Google Chrome became corrupt after most recent update

This has happened once before, probably around a year or two ago. I would accept an update via PortableApps and after what appears to be a successful download and update, I went to launch Chrome and it would fail.

Further research into the cause revealed that my user account (a local admin) no longer has read access to the chrome-bin folder. I store my PortableApps folder structure within my user profile's "Documents" folder. This account, like all default user accounts, has full read/write perms to their profile's "Documents" folder.

I then noticed temporary 7zip ('7zTemp') & ~PRESERVEDIRECTORY2 folders within my Chrome folder. After reviewing the hierarchical permissions and seeing nothing was improper, I determined it was a corrupt install.

I was thankfully able to workaround the problem by:

  1. Reboot my laptop, due to file locks that couldn't be located
  2. Renamed the original 'GoogleChromePortable' folder to 'GoogleChromePortable2'
  3. Download Chrome via the PortableApps menu
  4. Upon successful download & install, I opened both folders and copied my old 'GoogleChromePortable2/Data/profile' folder to 'GoogleChromePortable/Data' location
  5. Started Chrome and profit
  6. Deleted 'GoogleChromePortable2' folder

Wanted to report the issue, even though there likely isn't much to be done about it. It's a rather rare occurrence.

John T. Haller
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Locked Files/Folders

If that happens, it means that some of the files or folders were locked when you tried to upgrade and couldn't be altered. This most often happens because the app was running. It can happen if you accidentally run chrome.exe and it's running in the background, for instance. Or if you're antivirus is locking the app for some reason.

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