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One Drive 4 Business illegal file name

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One Drive 4 Business illegal file name

I recently installed Portable apps to my DropBox folder. This has worked well. However, I then decided that this was a waste of space that I was paying for and there is lots of space in my employer supplied OneDrive for Business folder. I have now copied everything over (drag-and-drop) and it is syncing. Unfortunately, I get the error that OD4B does not like the file name "Default%20Settings" in the folder "PortableApps/KittyPortable/Data/Sessions". I assume the problem is the % in the name.

Has anyone run into file naming limitations for any cloud storage installations of Portable Apps? Is there any work around? Is there a reason Kitty stores names with "url encoding" when spaces are legal?

Any other suggestions?

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I've run into this with Chrome Portable as well, with directories named with "#". As far as I'm aware, there's no workaround from either end, just to make sure that the folders in question don't have anything required by the app and let it fail to sync.

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One Drive Itself

I believe One Drive itself disallows those names. The solution is to rename them without spaces within KiTTY since KiTTY stores them that way. None of our apps I'm aware of use a % in a directory name out of the box.

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