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MinFFS Portable Dev Test 1

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MinFFS Portable Dev Test 1

Application: MinFFS
Category: Utilities

A FreeFileSync modified for MinGW Build
Project Goal

  • Make it possible to build binaries of FreeFileSync using MinGW.
  • Make it possible to add features that would not be added to original FreeFileSync anytime soon.
  • Implement features like:
    • Optimize FFS for large volume file system, large size binary files, many name changed files.
    • Background indexing and resume interrupted comparison/synchronization.

(Source: Homepage)

Download MinFFS Portable Dev Test 1 [17.6MB download / 95.9MB installed]
(MD5: 257b4b0e0b3af4e79c36e337d2071a3a)

Project on GitHub / SourceForge

Release Notes: Dev Test 1 (2016-12-21): Initial release