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To search files, I always used windows explorer but it was slow, sometimes it did not return all the expected results, and it uses lots of RAM.
I tried some freeware non-indexing searchers but some were slow, and others did not have all the features I wanted.
So since I develop some application in my work I decided to create my own portable program: CSearcher.
CSearcher is a simple & fast free non-indexing search program.
Since I’ve been using it I gave it to some colleagues at work and they gave me same good feedback.
I then decided to clean and polish the program and publish it as freeware! To contribute back.
No installation required, everything runs from its folder, just copy it anywhere.

• Results can be Files AND/OR directories!
• Windows native DLL calls for better performance.
• Portable tool, you can install it in any folder.

• One of the fastest non-indexing free File searchers.
• Low RAM usage.

• Integration with Explorer menu for seamless search of folders.
• Exclude patterns.
• Date and size options.
• Find files that contain specific text.
• Calculate MD5 and compare files. Allows users to generate the file checksum (MD5 Hash)
• Simple Hex Viewer of any file.
• Search history.
• Filtering:
o Filter results. After finding all the results you want, you can dynamically filter results for faster finding of different items.
o Filter possible duplicate file (same name and size), can be confirmed with md5.
• Export selected results to CSV or HTML file.

• .Net 4.0 runtime installed and Windows compatible O.S.

Downloads: Compressed archive. Self-Extracting file.

I know it can be improved but I would like some comments and opinions.
Would it have a place in portableapps?


Last seen: 6 years 6 months ago
Joined: 2016-12-24 10:24
I have created a small site:

I have created a small site:

I've published new versions with small fixes:

Version :
[fix] Config.xml was not loaded from exe folder

Version :
[alt] 1st time values and default values now enable subdirectories, show files and show folders checkboxes
[new] Clear buttons for clearing Search pattern(s):" and "Exclude pattern(s)
[new] Added tray icon
[new] Added option to minimize to tray
[fix] Small fixes in menu strip
[fix] If CSearcher cannot load configuration file (config.XML) a message is displayed and default values are loaded
[fix] Resolved flickering problem in status progress bar while searching files
[new] Added remove sorting option in "view menu" to disable any result sorting

Downloads for Compressed archive. Self-Extracting file.


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