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keep carbide on w10

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keep carbide on w10

I encounter following problem: when I use hardware encrypted stick like carbide on w10, after some time, the stick is switched off, no communication any more. Software which was loeaded before remains hnging . Then I have to start the stick again, enter the password etc.
However this seems to be not healthy for the filesystem on the stick, I am naturally getting then warnings as and need to run chkdisk on that .

From w7 I was used to keep the stick all time active when connected to computer.

I have tried different things in power settings of the computer, but no cure so far. To me it looks like the power to the stick was interupted at some point. But the the USB setting in power settings had no improvement.

How do you deal with this?

John T. Haller
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Hardware and Drivers and Power Settings

It comes down to the hardware you're using (the ports on your laptop/desktop) and the drivers that run them as well as how they are configured. Have you turned off power management? Are all drivers working properly with no warning signs within Device Manager? Unfortunately, if your PC cuts power to the Carbide, it will automatically lock, which will crash any running apps. The Carbide will automatically lock by design as soon as power is cut for security reasons. A standard unencrypted USB drive may or may not have this issue on your specific machine depending on the timing of when Windows attempts to access the drive vs whether power is applied to it. I don't have this issue on my Dell desktop with Windows 10 with a Carbide, for instance.

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yes power management

I did set it this way, it says it is off for the USB.
But it still pulls the stick out after some time. Now have turned all power management off, even the screen will not turn off.
Will see how it works now.

Otto Sykora
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Windows 10 persistently powers down USB port in use

I have the same problem under Windows 10 64-bit on a machine previously running Windows 8.1 without problems.

Every time I leave the machine for a period, I return to find that the Datashur secure USB drive is powered off. This is a curse which is proving impossible to fix. Programs are running and have files open on the USB key; Windows just powers it off anyway. It's unacceptable for an operating system to behave like this.

There are many articles on the web purporting to show how to control power management to USB ports and USB hubs.
The most elementary of these articles describe how to change power settings in Windows 10. Done that - it doesn't help.
More articles talk about using advanced power settings, some normally hidden, to disable selective USB port power management. Done all that - it doesn't work
More advanced articles describe how to edit the Windows 10 registry to directly set the registry keys that enable/disable USB port power management. Tried all that - doesn't work.

It seems that a recent change in Windows 10 may have removed control of this from all the parameters that people know about.
The Microsoft help forums suggest running the Windows troubleshooter - this is, as usual, 100% worthless 100% of the time.

I await some more expert attention by Windows 10 techs to this problem which is clearly affecting many users.
Meanwhile I am forced to close KeePass portable, and close PortableApps, every time I am going to leave the PC, and re-key the PIN on the Datashur when I return to work. This is very inconvenient.

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