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This is an idea that ive seen some apps do, Essentially the idea is that the Platform "auto runs" when the USB in plugged in. im curious if this is possible?

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Dear Warmango,

Dear Warmango,

this is possible by creating a file called "autorun.inf" and placing it in the root of the plugable device (external HDD, Falsh Drive, DVD, CD, etc.).
This is basically a plain INI-File with the section "[AutoRun]".
You can also set the icon that will be shown in explorer at this file.

Please be aware that some settings will slow down the mounting process in windows or might crash the PC where you plugged it in.
(All depending what you specify at this file and also at the device type - for example I had a problem with a Western-Digital HDD some years ago. But it seems that it was only this series of HDD of WD because others worked as normal)

For further information please have look in MSDN:

If your system will not recognize the autorun.inf please check if you have autorun disbaled for the device type you are using.

Kind regards

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