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Is it possible to move Documents folder?

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Is it possible to move Documents folder?

I searched this and found many old threads on it, but no actual answers. One even said it was planned as an upcoming feature to be able to change it, that was from 6 years ago. I'm not seeing any setting for it in the platform.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to move the location of the Documents folder to inside the portableapps folder so that it's not cluttering up the root?

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Dear kingtermite,

Dear kingtermite,

from inside PA framework I dont know the possibility.
But I worked around this problem for some game launchers.

So it depends on the application you are trying to start.
In most cases its enough to redirect the created PA-Launcher to a batch-file here you can overwrite the windows local settings.
Overwrites in this case are just temporarly and affect only process started out of the bacth.
If you are trying to start some java application it might be necessary to forward the parameter as a java option.

To find out what you need to overwrite I recommend to open a new cmd-line. Type "set" and press enter.
It will show you all the current system variables.

If you need an idea how to do it please have a look at my SquirrelSQL-Portable launcher.

Kind regards

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