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I have downloaded and installed Soda PDF 3D Reader (which has a page turning feature) on my online laptop, but I am unable to install it on my offline desktop with its larger screen because the installation process accesses the internet.
I am looking at making Soda PDF portable and so I installed Launcher and NSIS, but I am totally confused.
Firstly, can I be quite clear that Launcher will do what I want?
If so, I fell at the first hurdle.
When I start Launcher and tell it where the program is I get the following message:
ERROR: C:\Program Files (x86)\SodaPDF3DReader\App\AppInfo\appinfo.ini doesn't exist!
Does this mean that Launcher will only handle PortableApps programs, ie programs that are already portable?
Surely there has to be a way to make Soda PDF portable?

Gord Caswell
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Not automated

The Launcher does not automatically make applications portable, it takes settings provided and ensures the application is launched portably.

With that said, Soda PDF 3D Reader is a commercial application with a license that doesn't support being used portably. As such, we are unable to help further.

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