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Looking for someone to do a quick job

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Looking for someone to do a quick job

I was updating my apps and installing a few when I realized that you guys have already solved a problem I have.

I would be willing to pay to have someone help me because I need to wrap up some loose ends of my business before it sells.

Basically, I have a few pieces of software that I need to create installers for (2 already have their own) and then one script that I need to run. I was thinking NSIS could do this and I started trying to figure it out a couple of years ago, but I have never made it that far. Typically I get distracted by seemingly more important problems.

Anyhow while I would love to figure this one out on my own and make it work and be able to say "I did it".. I really at this point would rather find someone and pay them to get it done.