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Request Google Chrome Canary

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Roy Edge
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Request Google Chrome Canary

Google chrome canary has all updates and security improvement and has the newest features
is better from stable, beta ,dev

John T. Haller
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No Plans Due to Severe Limitations

We have no plans to offer Google Canary. Unlike Firefox, Google's Chrome is not optimized for portable use. It has multiple coding choices that make it openly hostile towards portable use. Mozilla, on the other hand, makes patches specifically to ensure portable use continues working well. That's why we do a Nightly package of Firefox Portable for users to test.

For Canary, there's no real reason to. The Chrome team would never accept a patch based on a reported bug in an unofficial portable package. And the portable version of Chrome barely works portably with about 5 different big caveats listed on its page due to the portable-hostile coding decisions. While Firefox Portable makes a great test bed for testing your site or extension with upcoming Firefox, Canary packaged portably would be a poor choice for each due to the aforementioned barely working notes.

There's also the issue of updating. Firefox's updater works just fine portably, so you can update your copy of Firefox Portable Nightly without having to re-run the portable installer to download a fresh copy. Canary uses Google's updater which won't work unless it's installed. So users would have to keep manually reinstalling Canary Portable daily.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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