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Foxit blocked as Trojan

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Foxit blocked as Trojan

The download of an update to Foxit Reader keeps failing. I have version Rev 2, which I downloaded from this computer, and the latest version appears to be

If I try to download it manually I get this message in my browser:
"This request is blocked by the Firewall Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: (Cloud Id: 46601534) ZPACK.GEN (Trojan) blocked."

My office uses Dell's Sonicwall, so it wouldn't surprise me if it's a false positive, but just wanted to post here to let you guys know to make sure there is no trojan in the package, and to see if anyone else has similar issues.

This happens often with Portable Apps updates. Is there a way I can tell it to skip an update and not auto-update until I get the next version, since maybe that one will get past the gateway?

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Re: Foxit blocked as Trojan

Same problem here. I can't download Foxit Reader Portable because SonicWall firewall blocks the file:

"This request is blocked by Dell SonicWall Firewall Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: (Cloud Id: 46601534) ZPACK.GEN (Trojan) blocked."

I temporarily excluded the download link from scanning and after successful download my ESET Endpoing Antivirus 6.4 did not find any virus in FoxitReaderPortable_8.1.1.1015.paf.exe.

I am reporting a false positive to SonicWall via

-- rpr.

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False Positive

It showed clean when it was released last year and shows clean now:!/results/file/ZTE2MTEyMUhrenNBRmxNZ1Nrb1p...

Reporting it as rpr did above will hopefully get them to fix their error.

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