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Chrome Portable not portable anymore (after configuring any setting)

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Chrome Portable not portable anymore (after configuring any setting)

After the initial run of Chrome Portable, once you configure any setting such as the startup page and close the browser, you can no longer move or rename the Chrome Portable folder without it crashing on startup. When it crashes, it shows a dark page background and a frowny face tab icon.

To reproduce:
- Install the latest version of Chrome Portable 56.0.2924.87.
- Run Chrome Portable.
- Set the startup page to
- Close Chrome Portable.
- Move or rename the Chrome Portable folder (you may need to kill GoogleChromePortable.exe).
- Run Chrome Portable again.
- Try to load any page such as and it should now be in a crashed state with a dark background and frowny tab icon.

Reproduced this on multiple Windows 10 computers. I have an older installed version of Chrome Portable 53.0.2785.101 from back in 2016-09 that doesn't crash when you move or rename the folder.

Any ideas on how to fix? Tried various ini settings and command-line parameters with no success. Thanks for any info.

John T. Haller
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You *must* sync

As stated on the Google Chrome Portable homepage: "Some Settings Locked Per PC: Google Chrome locks specific settings to a given PC. Details are included in this post. This behavior is by design by the Chrome team. If you would like this changed, please file a bug with the Chrome team. A suggested workaround is to sign in to Google to restore all settings and extensions and to use an extension such as Session Buddy to maintain your session state as you move PCs. Note that has not evaluated this extension."

This is also stated at the top of the license you agree to as you install.

You *MUST* sync Google Chrome whether you use it locally or portably. If you don't, you'll lose most important stuff as you move PCs. This includes if you upgrade from one PC to another and move your local settings. Chrome and browsers based on Blink/WebKit are the only browsers made like this and they don't properly warn local users how easily their data will be lost if you don't sync.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Well that explains it.

Well that explains it. Thanks

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may i ask 2 questions?
but does it include registry keyleft like these ?

2) if i don't close chrome portable correctly( for example for a crash) does GoogleChromePortable.exe clean registry keys and files left?

Gord Caswell
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Yes & Yes

As you can see in that image, there are backups included by the portable app. On relaunching Google Chrome Portable, those should get cleaned up.

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