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TBP on/from a LAN; speed issue

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TBP on/from a LAN; speed issue


Just 'discoverd' Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition, great app!
I was looking for something like this for a long time already. An email app which one can just move around disks/devices and where all the information needed (acount info/mails/addresses) are in the 'same spot' and are automatically copied too when copying everything!

One thing though, another way for me to use it is the following: i want to store the whole folder structure somewhere on a LAN. So that TBPE can be started from/with every computer on the LAN.
That works ok but is there a way to speed up things? Because it takes quit long to start TB this way. (on my LAN, 100mbit, the splash screen comes quick but then it takes 30seconds before anything seems to happen)

Things go a bit faster when keeping the program itself locally and pointing to the LAN through the profiles.ini, but this is not really what i want. I want everything stored on the LAN and just be able to run the app. (everyting) through that way.

Is this maybe something the devlopers should consider while building a new release? Because i think this way (LAN) of using TB has great potential, considering more an more people having a small network or NAS. With many computers on it......

thanks and keep up the good work!