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Chromium builds

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Chromium builds


I know this topic has been opened many times. But I should ask it again because i know there are many chromium builds for windows.

There is a tag (source code branch tag) which named "Last Known Good Revision". Which is possible to download this build on h t t p s : / / d o wnload-chromium.appspot . c o m /?platform=Win&type=continuous . On bottom of site, there is a 2 type of builds: LATEST and "Last Known Good Revision". The "Last Known Good Revision" works fine on windows 10. I am using it...

Also there are other builds like h t t p s : / / c h r o m i u m . w o o l y s s . c o m . But I could not find how they are building them.

If the market includes Google Chrome dev, beta versions, market can inlude also chromeium builds. Why not? :/

The apps from chromium.woolyss. com and download-chromium.appspot. com are already portable. It should not be difficult to make installable from portableapps . c o m market Sad We want it from installable from portableapps . c o m market because it can update itself automatically. Also the Data folder is very usefull when we want to reset the portableapps.

Thank you