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Launching a portable app from command line or .bat

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Launching a portable app from command line or .bat

I am using the PortableApps platform on Windows not be portable but to keep all my data in one well-defined place (on drive D:\). This includes the data eclusively used by the apps (e. g. user profile data of Chrome).

For quick access I would like to start, e. g., ChromePortable by clicking a Windows task-bar icon, instead of having to start the Platform first. I know, that I can simply start the GoogleChromePortable.exe directly, but this way Chrome will not save the profile data in the PortableApps file hierarchy, but in my local folder in c:\Users\username\AppData, which I want to avoid. It shall save the profile data in d:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable\...

Is there a way to start a portable app such that it is launched by the Launcher, but doesn't require the Platform Menu to be started beforehand? I am thinking of something like

PortableAppsPlatform.exe -app d:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable\GoogleCromePortable.exe

to be placed in a .bat file. Please note, that I would like to place a number of portable apps on the task-bar, not just Chrome.

I have searched the forum already, but all I could find was information about how to pass command line arguments to a portable app, which is not, what I want. I want to start the app itself as a command line argument of the platform.

Edit: I don't have a local install, but a portable one on drive d:\ because I would like to keep the possibility to be portable (sometimes I use a copy of PA on different computers).

Any help is appreciated,