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Disable the unexpected DLL check?

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Disable the unexpected DLL check?

Is there a way to disable the unexpected DLL check for certain apps? After the latest platform update, Audacity won't start because I put lame_enc.dll into the AudacityPortable directory. This file is required for exporting MP3s from Audacity.

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Move the DLL

Move the DLL to AudacityPortable\App\LAME. If Audacity Portable doesn't see it by default, click Edit - Preferences - Libraries and then click the Locate button under MP3 Export Library and browse and select it. The AudacityPortable.exe launcher will adjust the path to it as you move PCs automatically so don't worry about the fact that it's entered as a full path. The DLL in that directory will be preserved as you upgrade to new versions of Audacity Portable as the installer is keyed to expect it there and save it during the upgrade.

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